YouTube Premium

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YouTube Red Originals bring together new ideas, your favorite creators, and a little extra help from YouTube to produce new series and movies unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else.

YouTube Red members will be able to watch the full series and movies and get exclusive behind the scenes bonus content.

Our Review

For $10/month, you can enjoy all the YouTube you can binge-watch without the annoying interruption of commercials. That’s what YouTube Red was all about at launch. Of Course since then, they’ve beefed up their offering quite a bit. In addition to commercial free viewing, they’ve been growing their catalogue of original video content that’s available only to Red subscribers. This includes a show featured YouTube celebrity PewDiePie - aptly named Scared PewDiePie, in which the star subjects himself to scary, video game inspired, scenarios.

Some additional functionality that comes with Red is the ability to stream videos while your phone screen is off, or with the application running in the background.

What people like

  • YouTube Red is great for listening to music. Not only do you not have to deal with the interuption of commercials, but you can listen while your phone screen is off, which undoubtedly saves a ton of battery.
  • Original content library is continuing to grow, both in variety as well as in quality of programming.
  • YouTube Red now has support for Kids as well.

What people dislike

  • Premium content such as TV shows still has commercials even if you’re a YouTube Red customer.

Normally I’m all for paying to get away from commercials. And if you have kids, you definitely want to be conscious of what they’re watching and who’s advertising to them. But in the case of YouTube Red, I think the fact that you’re still forced to watch commercials on premium content is a bit of a deal-breaker. What’s the point in paying to not see commercials if the real deal is “well, we’ll only show you SOME commercials”. That said, you do need to cut YouTube a little bit of slack here in that they’re blazing the trail in terms of moving TV native content to a streaming format.

Overall, a great service, but not entirely worth it unless you happen to be really into the original content.

on January 9th 2021
I love my music subscription, it is more than worth every penny.
Verified Reviewer
on June 9th 2021
thats my music for now in the gym chillin workin
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