State Farm

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Provides insurance and financial services.

on February 1st 2017
They have continuously raised rates even though I have been accident free for over 10 years. I don't recommend at all. Looking to switch before the next bill arrives.
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on July 30th 2020
I requested a condo insurance quote I got a $152 quote. This would have been in addition to my $135 auto policy. I’m not sure the representative took into consideration 1. My credit score, 2. square footage, or 3. the fact that I am a first time homebuyer. She also included items in my quote that I didn’t ask for. I was displeased with that. However, this hasn’t always been my experience. I initially received a great auto quote and the rep did a great job helping me to save. Additionally, I did speak with a representative that was presenting in my home buying workshop. She seemed very knowledgeable and offered to meet to review the quote. I feel a little confident that she will be able to provide me with a better one. I give this a 5/10 because I’ve always receive great service but not always the best quotes.
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on December 25th 2020
prices keep going up
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on July 30th 2021
They do make it easy to get insurance. BUT it is expensive also the price will change one month an you don't get a reason why. It just goes up $20. I've honestly kept them this long as it's a pain to find a new one an switch all of my current services.
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on August 9th 2021
If I could give State Farm -10, I would. I've never dealt with a company that handles policy cancellations and refunds worse. It took me 10 calls and over 2 months for them to stop sending bills after my original cancellation date. My agent, Spencer Clarke, was basically useless. Not only that but from sign up I had nothing but problems with the portal and getting auto-pay to work. I will never be a State Farm customer again.
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on November 17th 2021
Very disorganized with almost every area. Auto pay etc.
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