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on October 16th 2016
It cannot handle today's data speed requirements for the average person.
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on May 23rd 2019
Too expensive
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on April 2nd 2020
I don't always have service in places I frequently visit. Auburn near the mall, some spots in Federal Way and Ocean Shores, WA. Again in Orem, UT. Internet is particularly slow in UT.
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on June 5th 2020
Cellular service is very inconsistent.
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on October 19th 2021
Great service, no issues with that. But it is just as expensive as Verizon. They merged with Tmobile, and sent out an email that said full time school employees- like me, could get a discount. I responded I wanted that. After 2 weeks they finally responded, but I can't get the discount unless I switch over to team mobile. What the heck? anyway I gave up.
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