Sling TV

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Watch Live TV programming any time on any device: Mac, iOS, Android, Roku & more. Get US, International, & Spanish language content without a cable bill.

on June 13th 2016
Take back Sling. Very little bang for the buck.
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on May 3rd 2017
Too slow
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on July 16th 2019
i tried to cancel and it keeps showing up.
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on September 10th 2019
Didn’t like it
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on September 22nd 2020
So far so good - get the channels I want EXPN and FOX
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on March 23rd 2021
so far only really use Sling TV to watch Resident Alien on SYFY channel- looks to get SYFY I had to go with Orange + Blue and wonder if I can eliminate Orange so I don't end up paying $50.00 a month
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on April 26th 2021
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on September 23rd 2021
Feed buffers a lot, lot od commercials and switching off your game to show updates on other games.
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