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Streaming music, news, sports and talk over approximately 100 channels via satellite to the continental US. Music format details, song request forms.

on June 20th 2016
Better than terrestrial radio, but not by much. Only thing worth getting it for is Howard Stern, but you have to pay more AND listen to commercials.
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on August 3rd 2016
I already did via Facebook, anxious to see how you manage my cancelations and how Billshark negotiates new rates for me!!
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on November 15th 2016
My favorite stations play the same songs over and over and over.
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on September 16th 2018
i'm happy with their service. Easy to switch around from station to station or channel as they like to call them.
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on October 31st 2018
Price games with Sirius makes me hate the service. I love the radio service but not the price gimmicks. Would happily subscribe on a monthly basis if the price was where it should be.
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on February 6th 2019
too expensive
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on March 6th 2019
Service is spotty AMD subscriptions price goes up and down
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on January 7th 2019
Constantly cutting out and the charge is way too high. It’s double what I pay for Netflix!
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on September 4th 2019
They get you on the phone and promise you one subscription price, then they get you on phone again, and add $25.00 and lied to me stating that the internet streaming wasn't included, but EVERYDAY they announce how it is included with the Select Plan. Go Figure!!
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