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Rosetta Stone is a language learning platform.

Our Review

Learning a language can be difficult, but Rosetta Stone simplifies the process by conglomerating a set of visual and audio materials for effective learning. For $299 a year, Rosetta Stone guarantees that learners will be proficient at the intermediate level. That price is lower than certainly lower a study-abroad program or a vacation to Spain! With live tutoring option and games and activities that teach about the cultural aspects of the language, users can connect with the language in deeper ways than learning in typical classrooms.

What people like

  • Interface is easy-to-use and appeals to folks who are not too tech savvy with features such as the Explore option for games, activities and quizzes to bolster vocabulary.
  • The live tutoring sessions allow users to connect with teachers instantly and ask questions.
  • Tech support is always available to answer questions.
  • The mobile app allows users to learn on-to-go.
  • Ability to learn at one’s own pace and time.

What people dislike

  • Translations on some readings and listening materials are not provided, forcing users to look up words and meanings themselves.
  • $299 is quite pricey for just a year-long program.
  • There is no placement test that directly places students of different levels at their appropriate level.

Although Rosetta Stone might seem like a one-size-fits-all language teaching program, the program’s extensive amount of learning materials that appeal to both visual and auditory learners is inarguably the most complete language program in the market. You can keep going on YouTube and bookmarking all the videos that teach your language of interest, but Rosetta Stone eliminates that trouble for you by professionally curating the most relevant information and areas of study within the language. Users have reported overall enjoyment with the intuitive interface that offers reminders and tutoring sessions for each lesson. In addition, the games and activities make the learning process more fun and exciting. If you are constantly moving, the Rosetta Stone mobile app downloads your program and lets you learn wherever you left off last night and in your own time. In conclusion, give it a go! It is certainly less expensive and more exciting than a college course to DIY!

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