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Experience a better way to cook dinner at home with Plated. Choose from chef-designed recipes and get precisely measured ingredients delivered each week.

Our Review

Plated is a subscription for meals with prepared recipes and corresponding ingredients. Similar to HelloFresh and Blue Apron, Plated brings groceries directly to users. In comparison to HelloFresh, Plated demands three extra bucks for three dinners for two persons totaling to $72 per week or four dinners for $96 per week, and so on. What does the difference of three dollars make?

What people like

  • Ingredients are seasonal and straight from local farms.
  • Low-calorie meals, ranging from 500-700 calories per meal.
  • Ability to select recipes they want delivered.

What people dislike

  • To Plated, fresh equals frozen.
  • Recipe cards are detailed, but lack clarity.
  • Lack of garnishes and decorations on foods.

People love choices as it allows the exercise of the freedom we think we are entitled to. Well, we are in terms of food. Plated users’ ability to choose the recipes they want delivered sets Plated apart from HelloFresh and Blue Apron as the latter two subscriptions chooses at least three recipes for you in which you have the freedom to change one out of three of those recipes. This is beneficial for those of us picky eaters who prefer specific foods and cuisines. Despite being able to choose recipes, the quality of ingredients from Plated is lacking. Often times meats are frozen, thereby requiring more time for defrosting and making sure the ingredient is ready to be cooked. This is where both Blue Apron and HelloFresh excel-the quality of ingredients lives up to their standards of freshness and each meal takes presentation into account. Overall, Plated is a subscription for no-nonsense, practical meals that are easy to prepare. Make sure to read the detailed recipe cards carefully.

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