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You are sitting in bed and tired of studying for your History midterm on a dreary Tuesday night. You pull up Netflix, get a warning about the price increase and continue watching anyways. What makes Netflix the most popular video streaming service?

What people like

  • The vast amount of content separated by genre makes finding content and viewing it very enjoyable.
  • Netflix alerts you when there is a title you might like based on your personal viewing history.
  • Easy cancellation any time.
  • Netflix’s very own shows such as Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards that can only be watched under a Netflix subscription.
  • Ability to create accounts for other views under a single subscription.

What people dislike

  • The price increase to $9.99 per month. Netflix pushed out more content, but users overall agreed that they would rather save money than have more options.
  • Older shows stream at lower quality.
  • Flaky download speed.

All in all, Netflix is excellent if you are looking for a video streaming service that caters to all tastes. With its extensive list of genres and miscellaneous genres, Netflix offers a lot more than other video streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. Although the download speed is sometimes unreliable, strong Internet connection can fix that. Their mobile app’s integration with your online Netflix account also allows you to watch videos exactly where you left off so you don’t have to jot down exact time codes. For $9.99, it is a steal if you are watching a good amount and are sharing the viewing pleasure with others.

on March 7th 2017
Had Netflix from the very beginning. It is everything I need to escape the annoying TV world.
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