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Healthy snacks delivered on a monthly subscription basis.

Our Review

Naturebox sends you a box of healthy clean snacks every 2-weeks to 2-months depending on your frequency. Their snacks have no GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and all come with less than 200 calories per serving. They have tons of options to choose from, though I recommend the Spicy Jalapeno popcorn, Sweet and Sour Nut Medley, and Cashew Crumble to start.

What people like

  • Always keep your cupboard well stocked with a wide variety of foods to snack on.
  • Snacks are healthy and guilt-free.
  • Super wide array of choices ensures you never get bored of any one type of snack or food.
  • Snacks with nuts can be a good source of fats and proteins, which unfortunately can be hard to find at a typical grocery store.
  • Flexible plans with the option to skip shipments ensures you can make Naturebox work for you.

What people dislike

  • If you don’t remember to log in to personalize your next shipment you’ll get sent the same snacks you had previously ordered.
  • Sometimes you end up with a bit more than you can actually eat.
  • Snacks can be expensive depending on what you get. Cashews and popcorn end up costing the same, which is a bit ridiculous.
  • No easy “Cancel” button on the website. You have to go through live-chat during business hours.

Overall if you’re into eating healthy Naturebox is a clear win. It let’s you put your snacking on autopilot which means one less thing to think about. While it can be a bit pricey, it’s no more expensive than any other healthy food you’d get from Whole Foods. Ideally they’d be a little bit more upstanding around cancellations (for instance letting you cancel by night instead of only during business hours) but this can be forgiven since the live-chat option is simple enough.

The Verdict: The Jalapeno Popcorn is too good to pass up.