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on August 31st 2016
Moz has some really fantastic tools for SEO. Their content explorer is second to none and I think they have by far the best keyword tracking tools. Where Moz was lacking was in their backlink indexing, as well as from the customer support that came when I discovered an issue with it. Basically, we spent days going back-and-forth in the following exchange... Me: "Hey, these are all backlinks pointing to my site that for some reason are not being indexed.." Moz: "That's because they're on sites that have too low a rank so we're not indexing them". Me: "The site is And I know you're indexing it because the links to my competitor are being attributed to them. Just the links to me aren't showing up". Moz: "That's because your site has too low a page rank so we're not indexing links to it" Me: "Ummmm, well how the hell does my pagerank increase when you refuse to index any links to my site?" After spending over a week going back and forth with them, and them throwing out a half dozen random excuses why things weren't being indexed, I threw in the towel and switched to another SEO platform. But I do miss the Keyword tracking tool.
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