Microsoft Office 365

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From desktop to web for Macs and PCs, Microsoft Office delivers the tools to get work done.

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Microsoft Office 365 has long been the defacto toolset of every office in America. From Word for wordprocessing, to Excel for spreadsheets, to Powerpoint for presenations, to Outlook for email, Office remains a staple in just about any workplace.

What people like

  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange permits offline access to emails and documents.
  • Automatic syncing and updating of program. The applications in Office 365 constantly release the latest versions for improved function with your device and cloud server.
  • Email is hosted in the cloud with Exchange.
  • Skydrive enables upload and download of most important documents.
  • Ability to not only store files, but also edit.
  • High level of security on Microsoft’s server.

What people dislike

  • Plans and pricing depend on size of organization and number of users or licenses it needs.
  • SharePoint and Lync Online—applications of Office 365 that enable file sharing, workflow collaborations and socializing—are not reliable. Real-time updates are at times flaky and full functionality depends on strength of both Internet and internal connections.
  • Compared to Google Gmail and Drive where both are connected without needing any configuration, Office 365 offers less email customization capability.
  • SharePoint limits the number of email recipients and mailbox sizes, depending on the account and plan.

Office 365 is a match made in heaven for Windows users. Whether you use Windows 6 or Windows 10, Office 365 provides applications essential for using personal computers effectively. Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online represent the three main components of an office: communication, workflow and collaboration. Exchange enables efficient email communication while SharePoint and Lync Online enable team collaboration. Most businesses and government agencies use Office 365 for the above reasons. Applications of Office 365 work in sync to promote transparency. This way, your front-end designer will never miss another all-hands meeting. On the flip side, the few bugs in SharePoint and Lync Online sometimes cause communication breaks. To prevent this, turn on Automatic Update to automatically upgrade to the latest, improved versions of the applications.

on February 24th 2019
I don't know why this is listed on my bills. I use google for email and I don't use 365 for anything.
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