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Kids’ hands-on activities - including arts, crafts, science - delivered monthly to your door with all materials included.

Our Review

Do you ever wish you had a nanny who schedules arts and crafts for your kids so you can have time to get your nails done or finally iron your favorite shirt in peace? Kiwi Crate delivers a crate of crafts and activities for kids for about twenty bucks per month and for ten more dollars, you can have even more supplies for larger group projects. According to psychologists, arts and crafts activates a part of the child’s brain—the frontal lobe—that’s associated with creativity and ingenuity. So, the next time if your child asks if he or she can glue popsicle sticks together, say yes!

What people like

  • Everything is prepared with instructions, all in one crate.
  • Most of the activities are kid-friendly. Kids can start and finish the projects all by themselves.
  • There is no need for thinking about what type of supplies to buy.
  • Chance to spend quality time completing a project with your kids.
  • Educational.

What people dislike

  • Many of the activities requires assistance from an adult. For example, use of a hot glue gun.
  • The subscription is on the pricey side as many supplies can be cheaply bought from crafts supplies stores like JoAnn’s or Michael’s.
  • The instructions attached to each activity require some analytical ability from older folks. Your child may not fully understand all the steps.

Kiwi Crate is a fantastic, exciting subscription. Delivering projects in crates, it guarantees an arts and crafts activity for your child every week. That way, it ensures you spend time with your child. Although many of the activities require assistance from an adult to read instructions thoroughly, making mistakes is also part of working on projects. Not all projects need to come out perfectly as making a mistake ingrains a memory to deter repetition of mistake. Kiwi Crate is educational for your children and yourself. For these reasons, I’m keeping my subscription.

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