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Personalized makeup and beauty products, exclusive offers, and how-to video tutorials from our ipsy Stylists. Each month subscribers receive a gorgeous Glambox

Our Review

For ten bucks a month, Ipsy delivers a varied selection of beauty products in miniature sizes right to you. When you’re running low on your Korres moisturizer and don’t want to trek to Sephora, you’ll be glad to see that mini jar of Josie Maran argan oil moisturizer just chilling on your vanity. Without the need to get out your measuring cups and spoons to plan and prep precise globs of moisturizer each month because your subscription to Ipsy Glam Bag’s personalized, curated selection of products provides you with more product and more variety, you can chill too. Maybe you can finally devote some love to that lip gloss you’ve always wanted to try without having to shell out the full price for it!

What people like

  • Novelty: new products every month for you to try out
  • Personalization: all products are curated especially for your skin type, hair and eye color, interests, and occasions. Simply take a short quiz when you sign up so Ipsy can understand you better and cater to your needs and desires
  • Consistency: products up-to-date, brands mid to high end
  • Value: beauty products are packaged in a different makeup bag every month
  • Opportunity: each brand and product offers subscribers a discount code for purchase of the product

What people dislike

  • Repetition of same products across different months
  • Some products do not contain enough product to try out in order to make a sound purchasing decision
  • What do I do with my growing collection of makeup bags?

All in all, Ipsy is wonderful if you love trying out different products, experimenting with different brands without having to commit to purchasing the full size at the full price or are simply navigating the world of beauty for the first time. Who knew that there exists such thing as a bee venom face mask for toning up your skin? In addition, Ipsy offers discounts on the full sizes of products sent in their Glam Bags so you can try the products, know you like them, and save money while spending it. But when it comes to those of us who have already established an arsenal of tried-tested-true products, Ipsy offers you the service of having a beauty professional customize a set of products expected to produce results for you. Maybe your Clinique dark honey lipstick you’ve been using for the past three years isn’t doing much for your tan at the moment. Try bareMinerals Moxie lip gloss to enhance your new glow. Why not subscribe to a service that’s seeking the best for your skin, hair, eyes, nails and lips at the moment?

on January 2nd 2020
Really hard to cancel can’t talk to a human no phone number
Verified Reviewer
on September 2nd 2020
great value
Verified Reviewer
on January 2nd 2021
My first order was awesome. Full-sized products, excellent quality, and most of which I could get for the same cost or slightly cheaper without delivery. So having it delivered to my home was an excellent choice. However, now it is travel-sized products, questionable quality, and many products conveniently are out-of-stock when I try to order them. Not happy at all.
Verified Reviewer
on February 26th 2021
Cheap not worth it
Verified Reviewer
on August 13th 2021
Great Service
Verified Reviewer
on August 20th 2021
Once you subscribe, you can't cancel.... but somehow, they can continue to bill your financial institution, until you navigate getting hold of any live person to talk to. Fortunately, my bank handled my subscription issues for me via a 'dispute' claim I filed. I got my money back and stopped all future attempts to withdrawal.
Verified Reviewer
on October 17th 2021
it is cool if you have the money
Verified Reviewer