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GEICO, Government Employees Insurance Company, has been providing affordable auto insurance since 1936. Besides auto insurance, GEICO provides insurance for property, business, life, travel and more.

on October 8th 2019
I love them!
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on June 8th 2021
I love GEICO. Every time I've tried to find a better rate, nobody comes close. Plus, they have a great app and their roadside service has saved our bacon more than a few times. Once in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.
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on August 9th 2021
Geico actually cut my bill by $50 a month from Allstate and offered vastly better customer service. I shop around every 6 months but my rates are higher for 2 accidents that occurred within a year of each other. The other one is expected to drop later this year, so I will be making sure Geico is still the best for me before renewal.
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