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FreshBooks is the #1 invoicing software for small business. Easily send invoices, track time, manage expenses, and get paid online.

Our Review

Freshbooks is an accounting software aimed at providing small businesses with accounting tools for creating financial tracking and stability. With the user-friendly interface, Freshbooks is attractive for first-time business owners to complete accounting tasks and communication with their personal accountants.

What people like

  • User-friendly and straightforward design allows ease in creating invoices and managing expenses, making the tracking of what comes in and what goes out extraordinary clear.
  • Use of simple and succinct accounting lingo.
  • Ability to cater according to a business’s needs using both pre-filled fields and customizable fields.
  • Integration with a variety of software types including payroll and e-commerce.
  • Users can take pictures of receipts and invoices, and Freshbooks reads and tracks these expenses.

What people dislike

  • Pricing plans depend on the number of clients and accounts the business contains. The second tier plan is $30 per month, the Evergreen tier. The most basic plan is $10 per month with a restriction to a very few number of clients.
  • The cloud is sometimes unreliable-syncing takes time and does not go to completion.
  • Automated expenses are sometimes inaccurate and their accuracy in timing really depends on their setup.

Freshbooks is so fresh and so clean. Its program is easy to understand and navigate, making it one of the most attractive accounting software programs to businesses. The downfall is that sometimes the cloud does not immediately load your data, but that can be avoided with a little click on the Refresh. My favorite feature is personally the ability to make e-receipts and load them onto Freshbooks so that my secretary does not have to sort through my receipts and mindlessly punch them into spreadsheet cells. It also saves a tree! I count on Freshbooks for my business for its overall reliability and variety of useful features.

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