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Bring your life’s work together in one digital workspace. Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and move your important projects forward.

Our Review

Ever wondered if iCloud is just not enough or not organized enough for you? Evernote syncs your saved web clippings, receipts, ebooks and any documents of the sort across your computer and mobile devices to ensure access to the documents anytime and anywhere. The caveat: organization. This is especially useful for the nomadic businessman always struggling to save every receipt in a Ziplock bag for obtaining reimbursements. How annoying.

What people like

  • Saving web clippings of websites, bookmarks, recipes and notes you only need temporarily is simplified.
  • Eliminates clutter on your desktop, browser and reading lists.
  • Ability to store, organize and collect digital versions of business cards. None gets lost!
  • Ability to take any a photo of anything and save it onto the Evernote application.
  • Ability to organize every input into the application by: type, genre, document, title, time, date. Fields are customizable.

What people dislike

  • The application is designed for notes and small documents—something you would jot on sticky notes or articles you save for reading later. For larger files, there are similar applications such as Dropbox that provide more storage.
  • The price of $5 a month might be too much to pay for something you can do yourself.
  • Evernote’s free account limits the capacity of data uploads each month and the syncing feature is unavailable.
  • The Apple Notes application, one major component that overlaps with Evernote, comes with all Apple devices and notes can sync across all Apple devices using iCloud. But, organization on the Notes app is DIY.

Evernote is like your personal assistant with a notebook in hand and ready to take verbatim notes on everything you say, think or do. While the price of $5 may not appeal to many because organization is something that one can do themselves, a couple of Evernote’s features really cuts the time spent filing receipts and making new folders on browsers. Nonetheless the value of Evernote depends upon the person’s needs. For the average college student, Notes will be enough to keep all your mini reminders and to-do lists on hand as Evernote cannot handle larger documents such as study guides or extensive class notes. On the other hand, Evernote is insanely useful for the working and traveling folks who need to keep business cards, contacts and receipts.