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Voted Best Gym in America by Fitness Magazine. Equinox isn’t just a fitness club, it’s a temple of well-being. With world-class personal trainers, group fitness …

Our Review

Simply put, Equinox is like the Rolls Royce of gyms (well, unless you’re counting private gyms or personal-trainer-only gyms). Their facilities are world-class, usually in the best locations and with the newest and cleanest equipment and amenities. In addition to top notch facilities, they also have the best classes around - which are included for free with membership.

What people like

  • Impeccably clean and modern facilities.
  • Tons of equipment means you usually won’t have to wait to get on whatever machine you’re looking for, and you’re always able to get a great workout.
  • Huge assortment of classes with outstanding teachers.
  • Lockerrooms and shower facilities are first class and include Kiehl’s products and even things like complimentary shaving razors.
  • Some locations even have swimming pools.

What people dislike

  • The price! Most members pay over $200/month for membership.
  • Some of the nicer locations have memberships that don’t transfer to other locations. So you may find that you have access to the Equinox location near your home, but not the one near your office.
  • Variance in size and quality between locations.

Equinox is hard to justify from a purely economical standpoint, instead you have to treat it as a luxury good. And if working out is important to you and you want to reward yourself, then you can do no better. Aside from their outstanding facilities, the diversity and abundance of free group classes will ensure that your workout never gets too monotonous. They even add to the perks by occasionally offering surprises like free post-workout massages.

If you simply want to get in, get your workout done, and get out, then maybe you’re better off considering a cheaper alternative.

Another way to think about it is, if belonging to a fancy gym like Equinox gets you more motivated to go, well there’s no better investment than your own health.