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Dropbox is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and never lose a file again.

Our Review

The little nightstand next to your bed contains random bits and bobs, but they are all important. From tax documents to your favorite books to the moisturizer sample you’ve been waiting to test, your nightstand holds everything that you throw into it. Although unorganized, it contains some of the most important things. Dropbox is like a digital version of a nightstand: you throw valuable stuff in and it rarely comes out.

What people like

  • Dropbox freely provides 2 GB of storage—more than enough to store your essential photos, documents and essays.
  • Ability to store almost any file type: music, photos, documents, spreadsheets and more. Some file types can be stored and/or edited in a specific application such as DropTunes for music files and Dropbox Paper for Microsoft-Word-like files.
  • Content is accessible from anywhere and constantly updates to ensure the same document can be viewed on your laptop and your phone.
  • Sharing and downloading files is easy.

What people dislike

  • 2 GB on the free plan may just not be enough depending on your needs. A few average length movies will max out the 2 GB limit.
  • Collaborating on projects and documents is easier on Google Drive as Google Drive supports almost every type of document. On Dropbox, the receiver needs to download the document, edit, and then upload the edited version back into Dropbox.

All in all, Dropbox is wonderful for being able to access all of your files at all times. Although Internet is required and users need to download most documents in order to edit them, Dropbox permits downloading of files onto your device so that you can comb through court cases in the middle of Death Valley. Besides Dropbox Paper, other documents need to go through the download-edit-upload routine. Regardless, a nightstand is a nightstand: it’s difficult to organize and Dropbox does not provide too many settings to help with organizing documents. Like your filing cabinet, you need to make folders and sort. The silver lining: it’s all customizable.

on July 15th 2016
great app
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on May 23rd 2019
Great app!
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on October 1st 2021
Very unlikely
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