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Paramount+ is an American subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming.

Our Review

CBS All Access is a subscription that provides users with access to various shows produced by CBS. Some of the most well-known include The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii 5-0 and Criminal Minds. Charging $5.99 per month, users have 24.7 access to all their favorite TV shows from various devices under a single account.

What people like

  • Ability to stream shows whenever and wherever
  • No need for cable-television installation
  • Access from multitude of devices under one account
  • Fewer ads that impede total view time
  • Easy to subscribe to via multiple platforms (CBS online, iTunes, Roku, Google Play, etc.)

What people dislike

  • Some promised shows have conditions for streaming
  • Limited viewing of Live Sports
  • Live streaming available depending on your location
  • Free trial consists of only 7 days at the end of which the user will automatically be charged
  • Difficult to cancel subscription as it can only be done through how the account was initially created
  • No-refund policy despite their ability to track user’s usage frequency

Similar to Netflix, CBS All Access subscription conglomerates a variety of television shows and allows users to stream shows anytime and anywhere. Unlike Netflix, the subscription offers a seven-day trial instead of a thirty-day trial. Can users really decide if they like CBS All Access enough to pay for it continuously in just one week?

Furthermore, cancelling CBS All Access takes a whole lotta effort and with their No Refund Policy and the allowance to only cancel through the way the subscription was obtained makes cancelling not unlike rocket science. That combined with the lack of will to go through the forgot-my-password-send-me-a-new-link-to-reset dance because you haven’t signed into CBS in ages and then telling yourself that $5.99 (subscribed through CBS Online) or $6.99 (subscribed through iTunes, Roku, Google Play) isn’t too much to pay probably puts cancelling CBS at the bottom of your to-do list. Why keep it if you don’t use it?

on June 24th 2016
Not worth it
Verified Reviewer
on July 18th 2016
This has been the worst service ever to use including the cancellation. I have been charged two months after I canceled the service originally.
Verified Reviewer
on January 24th 2017
Very difficult to cancel subscription
Verified Reviewer
on October 30th 2016
Verified Reviewer
on February 18th 2017
Verified Reviewer
on April 1st 2019
Good for college football, useless for other.
Verified Reviewer
on June 18th 2020
Can't cancel my service
Verified Reviewer
on April 30th 2020
Price is too high for amount / variety of content. Too many commercials on both offerings as compared to other similar services.
Verified Reviewer
on April 7th 2021
It will spin and give and error message to try again later. I have gotten onto the service in several months. As far as I can tell, there is no service, just a monthly fee.
Verified Reviewer
on April 8th 2021
Horrible customer service.
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