Blue Apron

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Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. They provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.

Our Review

Blue Apron is the answer for those who love the romantic notion of cooking, but lack the time, energy, organization, and just general know-how to actually put together a grocery list and make it to the store. So Blue Apron solves this for you, by sending you pre-measured packages of ingredients so you can cook delicious (and healthy) meals without the headache. Make no mistake, you still need to do all the prep work, just not the shopping.

What people like

  • Blue Apron meals arrive at your doorstep, ready to go.
  • Home cooking is fun, relaxing, and can be a great date activity.
  • Because you know exactly what’s going into each meal, you can be confident knowing you’re eating healthy, clean food.
  • No leftover ingredients. Everything is pre measured so you’re only using (and paying for) the exact amount needed.

What people dislike

  • Food goes bad if you’re too busy to cook it. This isn’t actually Blue Apron’s fault, but people do complain about receiving the food and not having the time to cook it.
  • Costlier than shopping at a grocery store.
  • No option for single-person meals/packages. Meals are only available for 2-4 people.

I love being able to invite people over for a dinner, cooked and prepared by yours truly. Blue Apron makes it so easy, anyone can cook a delicious meal, sure to be enjoyed by friends. At the same time, I do wish they gave an option for single-person meals.

Overall, I love the food they send and the process of cooking it. I’m just not sure it makes sense as a weekly subscription - after all, if I were cooking weekly I’d just go to the grocery store. Rather, I think Blue Apron works best as a 1-2 times per month type of product.

on February 23rd 2017
It was a good service and convenient if you work a 9-5. But then again just crock potting a bunch of food at the beginning of the week is cheaper and easier. Just a little less exciting
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