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Try personalized samples with a monthly subscription, stock up on favorites in the Birchbox Shop, plus get ideas and inspiration to bring into your daily routine.

Our Review

Have you ever run out of your favorite black eyeliner at the exact same time you found out that you’re also out of your backups? Ladies, are you with me? That is so annoying, and you’ll end up looking tired or ill the next day without rimmed eyes to deflect light on your dark circles produced by the previous sleepless night of bar hopping. For gals who are always on the run from the office to the gym to dinner parties, we run out of beauty products sometimes without knowing we are about to run out. In addition, we rarely try new products because of the risk they might not work as well as that beloved Bonne Bell lip gloss we started using from sixth grade onward. Birchbox helps you take risks and prevents you from having to trudge to Duane Reade at 7:15 AM to pick up your wrong foundation shade.

What people like

  • Price of $10 a month buys you a box of mini-sized beauty products.
  • Variety of products and brands. I’ve received everything from Moroccan hair oil to hair scrunchies.
  • Point system: for every review, you receive ten points and for every dollar spent, you receive a point. 100 points equal 10 dollars.
  • Boxes with products only for men are an option.
  • Helps curb spending on beauty products: no need to purchase full sizes and no need to spend money trying out products you might not like.

What people dislike

  • Samples are small, sometimes too small to produce intended effects. Can you make a sound decision about a 1 oz skincare sample?
  • Products come in a cardboard, non-reusable box whereas Ipsy’s Glambag comes in a reusable makeup bag.

Birchbox is like Pandora’s box. There is no telling what you will receive in each month’s subscription, but you are guaranteed to receive products of high-end or mid-end brands. The most attractive aspect of my Birchbox subscription is their points-rewards system. When you refer a friend, you obtain fifty points and so if you refer two friends, you will receive ten dollars to spend on the website for full sizes of the products you’ve tried. Although the products sometimes lean on the small side, you can always return the full sizes of products that you buy. Either way, your decision on each product does not have to be the final decision.