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Our Review

You’re sitting in 5 o’clock afternoon traffic on your way home to your dog, finally getting sick of the newest Justin Bieber song playing on KISS FM radio, and wishing there was something more educational than an opinion-ladened discussion about how the gluten-free trend is or is not a fad. Audible, an Amazon company, offers a wide selection of audiobooks for hundreds of thousands of titles of books and magazines in addition to podcasts, lectures, and talks. Audible makes it easy to listen and learn material on the go wherever and whenever you want. Wanna finish that book sitting on your nightstand right now? Now you can.

What people like

  • Ability to access content wherever you are
  • Variety of free audiobooks and books cheaper than their print versions
  • $15 per month grants you credits for purchasing books and one free book per month.
  • Integration with your Amazon Kindle tablet allots you two the options to listen and read exactly where you left off.
  • Canceling is very easy by logging in to your Audible account.

What people dislike

  • Inability to control reading speed as narration is usually at a slower pace than your normal reading pace.
  • You could be paying more for an audiobook than you would be paying for a paper book. Make sure to check the prices and decide which is audio-worthy and which is read-worthy.
  • It is difficult to get your $15 worth if you are not polishing off at least one book a week. Even if you are utilizing your credits to purchase and download the books, is it worth $15 if listening isn’t your primary way of reading?
  • Inability to download and purchase books directly from the Audible app makes it difficult to immediately access your audiobooks from your iPad or iPhone. Downloading takes a bit of effort if you want the books accessible across all your services.

Subscribing to Audible or not boils down to personal preference. Do you enjoy listening to titles more than you like or have time for reading? Do you want to have the option to listen to titles? Do you listen more efficiently than you read? Although personally I love to cuddle up with a good read and a mug of chai latte because I process information better by visualizing words rather than listening to them, I would not mind having the option of listening to books on the subway or in traffic. It certainly gives me something else to pay attention to rather than my friends’ mindless Facebook posts, Instagram pictures of their recent weekend in Palm Springs or preoccupying my mind with not making eye contact or conversation with strangers. Furthermore, I enjoy multitasking and fitting in a good article or book while I perform mindless tasks throughout my day. For these reasons, I continue to be subscribed to Audible.

on January 26th 2017
The billing model doesn't make sense...
Verified Reviewer
on October 7th 2016
They Steal Your Money
Verified Reviewer
on February 11th 2018
I have amazon prime but I never signed up for audible. This amazon audible thing has been charging me every month for about half a year. I never signed up for it. They stole my money, and I thought my credit card info got stolen. Reported.
Verified Reviewer