Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device. Enjoy the freedom to explore over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month.

Our Review

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is an application that provides electronic books to over one million titles and audiobooks to thousands. Designed to be read and listened to on an Amazon Kindle device, a subscription to Kindle Unlimited proves equally useful even if you do not own a Kindle because the subscription and all the titles it entails is accessible from any device. So yes, you can be sitting at Sally’s Nails getting a gel manicure while reading Outliers for school and then listen to Children of the Corn on your way back home. How convenient!

What people like

  • Extensive catalog of titles for both reading and listening.
  • Ability to start immediately on a title upon purchase.
  • Books cost half the price of physical books.
  • Ability to shop for books.

What people dislike

  • Not as many best-selling books as users hope there would be. Very rare to find a New York Times bestseller on the shelf.
  • The price of $9.99 when calculated in the grand scheme is quite pricey as many titles cost less than $5. So, you will need to read at least three books per month to make your subscription worth it.
  • Only connection to the Internet allows you to access your titles. Where are you going to find Internet on the airplane without a $40 monthly subscription to GoGoAir?

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic subscription to own if you already have a Kindle and are always reading or looking to download new books to read. With the audiobook option available, the subscription guarantees that you will be reading often. While this is convenient, it is certainly difficult to acquire Internet connection everywhere you travel to. In addition, Amazon Prime speedy shipping subscribers already have access to Kindle Unlimited titles for free of charge. Lastly, who doesn’t want to sometimes jump on that Popular Books bandwagon and be able to discuss a title over a mocha latte with a coworker? With a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you’d probably be reading more of books that nobody really knows about. My advice: skip it and go for Amazon Prime for the free option of Kindle Unlimited included.

on July 1st 2019
Impossible to cancel! Very annoying
Verified Reviewer
on September 2nd 2020
Cancelled already
Verified Reviewer
on January 14th 2021
Good choices, but overpriced
Verified Reviewer
on November 3rd 2021
I love Kindle, it is a great app.
Verified Reviewer