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Our Review

Adobe, maker of software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, has quietly migrated their software from a 1-time purchase to a subscription model. While some have mixed feelings about whether they prefer owning or licensing the software, all agree their tools are absolutely essential to anyone working in graphic design or photography.

For photography, Photoshop is a phenomenally powerful piece of software that allows for image enhancement and manipulation. It’s likely safe to say, at this point you’d be hard-pressed to find any commercial image that hasn’t been modified in Photoshop.

Illustrator, on the other hand, is designed for image creation, and includes a powerful set of tools enabling artists to bring ideas to life.

What people like

  • Super powerful tools - essentially the industry standard.
  • Constantly improving their products and releasing updates.
  • Subscription option saves from several hundred dollars in up-front fees.

What people dislike

  • They enforce annual contracts with hefty cancellation fees.
  • Products can be difficult to learn.

Simply put, if you’re in just about any line of creative work, Adobe Creative Suite is a must-have. It’s the industry standard for photo-editing and image creation and modification. Their migration to a subscription model makes their products more affordable for casual users, which is a big plus. While some lament the departure from an up-front purchase model, the subscription model is definitely a step forward, especially when you factor in the frequency at which Adobe releases updated versions of their software.

Additionally, there are literally thousands of tutorials and lessons ranging from beginner to advanced online, meaning just about anyone can learn to use the tools with proficiency.

Unfortunately, the cancellation fees and contract length make it less of a no-brainer than it could be.

on February 25th 2020
I ‘ve charged monthly for a subscription I didn’t authorize
Verified Reviewer
on June 21st 2020
better of using pdf filler
Verified Reviewer
on December 1st 2020
They want me to pay $40+ to CANCEL my subscription - it isn't an annual subscription, and it's costing me $20/mo, but if I cancel it and pay their $40 fee, I lose access to the tools instantly despite having now paid them $60 that month. Ridiculous.
Verified Reviewer
on May 12th 2021
There is an expensive cancelation fee
Verified Reviewer