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Slacker Radio is an online music streaming service available in the US and Canada. Listeners can access the service on the web and through mobile apps on multiple smartphones. It allows users to create and share customized music stations.

How to Cancel Slacker Radio Manually

Unsubscribe by following these steps:

cancel slacker

To cancel your Slacker Radio subscription:

  1. Click here and log in to your account. Then, click on your email address which is listed on the upper right side of the slacker website.
  2. Choose “Account Settings” from the pull-down menu
  3. Click on “Modify Account Info”
  4. Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  5. You’ll be prompted again to be sure you want to cancel your subscription. Click “Confirm Cancellation” to confirm your cancellation.
  6. This will then set your subscription to no longer auto-renew, and revert your account status to a free Basic Radio account once your subscription period is over.
  7. If your account says “Basic” for the Account Level, then this means the account you are logged into does not have any subscription, and is not being charged. If you feel that you have been charged, then please log into the correct account in order to receive or cancel your subscription.
  8. If you have unable to locate the Slacker account your subscription is under, please contact Slacker Support via e-mail or Live Chat.
Email support@slacker.com and ask them to cancel your account.
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