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How to cancel Put.io

1.) To view the specific details of your subscription plan, log on at https://put.io and click “Billing” once you are logged on to the Put.io website.

2.) We will continue to bill your payment method on a regular basis for your membership plan until you cancel. You may cancel your membership at anytime. We offer a number of subscription plans. Our plans may include limits on Gigabyte downloads per month. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered plans or to decease the downloads per month to which you are entitled under a particular plan. Unless otherwise stated differently, your “Billing Cycle” refers respectively to subscription that you chose upon registration.

3.) To make changes to your account, go to Settings and cancel.

To cancel online, go to https://put.io/
Email info@put.io and ask them to cancel your account.

We like to start with tiny fun projects which morph into giant web sites used by millions. This is the third time we’re trying to do that. Our first two projects were pillinetwork and Sosyomat. Pillinetwork was a network of eleven community blogs. It used to share 70% of the revenue with users who contribute. There are over 300.000 articles in pillinetwork blogs. Sosyomat was a 400.000 strong social networking site with an emphasis on tagging people. Many many babies have been born because of it.

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