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How to cancel MoneyLion

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Click on your profile picture (It’s probably in the top left corner of your screen.)
  2. Tap “membership”.
  3. Tap “manage my membership”.
  4. Tap “Cancel”.

Note: If you are unable to cancel, it’s likely because you have an active loan with MoneyLion that you haven’t paid off. In order to cancel your MoneyLion loan, you’ll need to go to the “Loans” tab on the MoneyLion app and pay the loan off in full.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1-801-252-4427
Email support@moneylion.com and ask them to cancel your account.

Company Overview MoneyLion is a leading mobile personal finance and consumer lending platform that empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives through free spending, saving and credit tracking tools, and smarter credit products.

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Unknown or unwanted subscriptions can cost an
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