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How to cancel IPVanish VPN

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to the IPVanish website and click the My Account tab in the top right of the screen.

  2. Enter your IPVanish username and password to log in.

  3. Click on the Subscription tab to reveal your subscription options.

  4. Click the I wish to cancel my subscription link at the bottom as shown below:

  5. Choose your cancelation option from the options that appear.

    • Stay Protected - Click this button if you changed your mind and you do not want to cancel your IPVanish access

    • Do Not Renew - Click this button to stop the auto-renewal of your account, your account will cancel at the end of your billing cycle

    • Cancel Now - Click this button to cancel your account right away. If you have an annual account and you are canceling within the first 30 days of your account creation, a refund will be sent to you automatically as per our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have questions regarding refunds, see our Refunds policy

  6. After choosing your desired option above, follow the screen prompts and questions carefully to complete the process.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1-800-591-5241

IPVanish VPN is a commercial VPN service based in the United States. While providing end-to-end network encryption, IPVanish allows its users to appear in one of more than 75 different locations.

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