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How to cancel iHeartMedia

If you signed up through the Google Play Store:

On an Android device

Launch the Google Play Store app. Ensure you are logged into the Google Play account you used to sign up for your iHeartRadio subscription. Tap Menu and select Account. Next, tap Subscriptions and select iHeartRadio. Tap Cancel.

On a iPad / iPhone

Start at your Home screen. Tap Settings Tap on iTunes & App Store. Select your Apple ID at the top. Ensure this Apple ID is the one you used to sign up for your iHeartRadio subscription. Please note: Your Apple ID may be different from the email address associated with your iHeartRadio account. Tap View Apple ID from the popup menu. Enter your password. If prompted select Okay. Tap on the Subscriptions section Tap on iHeartRadio. Turn the Auto-Renewal option to Off. Or, you may need to tap Cancel Subscription

To cancel over the phone, call: (210) 822-2828

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