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How to cancel FasTrak

To cancel your FasTrak account:

  1. Go to https://www.bayareafastrak.org/en/home/index.shtml and log into your account
  2. Click the Manage Tags and Vehicles button
  3. Click Report lost or stolen for each tag cancel FasTrak 2
  4. Select Lost under New Status and CONTINUE to deactive the toll tag(s). It will no longer be able to pay tolls. (after you deactivate your toll tag FasTrak will deduct a $20 security deposit for each toll tag(s) from your account. FasTrak will return this amount to your account balance when they receive the toll tag(s) from you, usually within 2 weeks.) cancel FasTrak 3
  5. Select the Edit Account Settings and Payment Methods button cancel FasTrak 4
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Close My Account cancel FasTrak 5
  7. Select the reason for cancellation and click the button Close Account cancel FasTrak 6

Return your tags to FasTrak by mail:

FasTrak PO BOX 26962 San Francisco, CA 94126

FasTrak will refund your remaining account balance minus any toll tag security deposits and final toll transactions, within 30 days. You will receive your refund:

  • As a credit on the credit card associated with your account, OR
  • As a refund check mailed to the mailing address on the account, if you used cash or checks to replenish your account
To cancel over the phone, call: 415-486-8655

This electronic toll collection system lets drivers electronically pay tolls on California’s bridges and toll roads without stopping.

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