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How to Cancel Equinox Manually

Unsubscribe by following these steps:

If you are OUTSIDE of your first year of membership, you may cancel with the amount of notice spelled out on your membership agreement for any reason. You can cancel in club with a manager by giving the appropriate notice, filling out a cancellation form and paying a pro-rate to stop your billing. You will get a copy of the form as a receipt that the process is complete. If going into the club is not convenient, you can send a letter via registered mail to your home club. The post office will send you confirmation that we’ve received your letter as receipt of cancellation. If you are INSIDE your first year of membership, you may cancel with appropriate notice (specified on your membership agreement) for the following reasons: relocation, medical or job loss.

RELOCATION: If you relocate more than 25 miles away from any Equinox, you may cancel your membership with proof of relocation, such as a utility bill, lease or deed to a house, or a letter from your human resources department stating you have been relocated to another region.

MEDICAL: If your doctor finds you medically unable to workout for more than six months, we will just need a letter from your physician. They do NOT need to give us specifics, just their medical opinion that you are unable to work out for at least six months.

All cancellations must be done in club with a club manager or via registered or certified mail. Cancellations are processed this way to ensure you will get a receipt that your cancellation was received.

To cancel over the phone, call: (212) 774-6363
Email MS@Equinox.com and ask them to cancel your account.
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