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How to cancel ENVATO

While logged in to Envato Elements, click My Subscription. Under the payment details box, click ‘cancel your subscription’.Screen_Shot_2018-07-23_at_12.00.47_pm.png Read the confirmation and if you wish to continue click ‘Cancel My Envato Elements Subscription’. Your subscription will now be cancelled and will not be renewed. You will have access to Envato Elements until the day your next subscription payment was due to be billed. After you’ve cancelled your subscription you will only be able to use items which have been licensed for Project Use, for the project specified when it was licensed. If you cancel a subscription that you started at a promotional price you will not be able to resubscribe at the discounted rate should you decide to renew.


Contact them at elements@help.envato.com from the email address that is registered to your Envato account

To cancel over the phone, call: +61 3 8376 6284

Envato Market is a collection of marketplaces for creative digital assets. This includes: ThemeForest (website templates and WordPress themes) CodeCanyon (Code, Plugins, and mobile) VideoHive (motion graphics).

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