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How to cancel Code42

To cancel your CrashPlan subscription:

1.) Sign in to the CrashPlan web ap: https://www.crashplan.com/account/login.vtl

2.) Click the Subscriptions tab.

3.) From the Actions column, click Cancel for the subscription you no longer want.

4.) Review the information presented.

5.) Click Cancel Subscription. You can continue to back up and restore files for the length of your subscription.

To delete your CrashPlan account:

1.) Sign in to the CrashPlan web app: https://www.crashplan.com/account/login.vtl

2.) Go to the Account tab

3.) Click Permanently remove my account

4.) Enter your account password to verify your identity and click Continue

5.) Review the information presented in the text box at the bottom of the screen, type delete all data to confirm your decision

6.) Click Remove Account. You are automatically signed out of the CrashPlan web app

Or, cancel by submitting a ticket to the Support Team: https://helpdesk.code42.com/anonymous_requests/new

To cancel over the phone, call: 888-314-8842

Code42 securely backs up end-user data in real time enabling businesses to analyze and restore employee files and easily recover from any data incident.

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