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How to cancel Clean Freak Car Wash

Contact the location you signed up at for information about your account

44th St & McDowell, Phoenix: (602) 358-8800 7th Ave, Grand/ Van Buren, Phoenix: (602) 257-6400 15th Ave & Camelback, Phoenix: (602) 277-1706 59th Ave & Bell Rd, Glendale: (602) 633-6714 Chandler Blvd, Chandler: (480) 812-9800 Gilbert Rd & Queen Creek Rd, Chandler: (480) 404-9491 Loop 101 & Via De Ventura, Scottsdale: (480) 362-1592 90th St & Via Linda, Scottsdale: (480) 588-5588 I-19 & Irvington, Tucson: (520) 332-2464

Clean Freak Car Wash offers car wash services with monthly passes.

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