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How to cancel Burndown For Trello

  1. To cancel your Burndown for Trello subscription, just visit your Account page and in the “Change Plan” section.

  2. Select the “Free” plan and click the “Change Plan” button.

Email support@burndownfortrello.com and ask them to cancel your account.

Burndown for Trello is a web app for adding scrum / agile Burndown Charts to Trello (formerly called Trello Burndown).

‘Scrum for Trello’ is an extension for the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers (it does not yet work for Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.). It lets you add estimates to Trello cards and record time-spent, right on Trello.com. If you have a Paid account on Burndown for Trello, we will pull down the estimates right from those cards, every day. This way, you can continue to enter estimates and update time-spent as you work, and only visit Burndown for Trello when you want to see the burndown charts.

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