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Truebill - Cancel Subscriptions

How to cancel Bill.com

How to cancel Bill.com:

1.) Login to your account 2.) If you are a company administrator, hover over the Gear icon and select Settings. 3.) Under Your Account With Us box, click Billing. 4.) Click the cancel link at the bottom of the page

How to cancel console account:

A console cancellation request can only be processed if there are no active client accounts under it. If the client accounts need to be cancelled as well, please follow the steps provided above to cancel the client accounts. If the client accounts will continue to be used they will need to be unlinked from your Console. Please contact Customer Support to request the unlinking.

Once there are no active clients under the Console follow these steps to submit a cancellation request for the Console:

  1. Log into Bill.com
  2. Click on Manage Console
  3. Click on Billing
  4. Click on I want to cancel my service.
To cancel over the phone, call: 650.621.7700

Bill.com is a US-based cash flow management software system, provided as a software as a service that integrates with accounting and banking systems.

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