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How to cancel Batchbook

Prior to canceling your account, you may want to export your existing data from your Batchbook account to a .csv file. Once you cancel, the data is no longer accessible.

1.) Log in to your account at the upper righthand corner of the homepage: http://batchbook.com/

2.) Click “Hi your name”

3.) Select Settings from the drop down

4.) Choose the Plan tab from the left.

5.) Click on Delete Account.

A message will pop up to explain that your account will stay accessible until the end of your billing cycle. At the end of your billing cycle the account will be deleted and will no longer be accessible. You’ll need to type your account name in the box provided to confirm that you want to cancel your account and then hit the delete button.

To cancel online, go to http://batchbook.com/
To cancel over the phone, call: 888 402 2824
Email help@batchblue.com and ask them to cancel your account.

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