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How to cancel Shaw Academy

You can cancel your subscription now by logging into Shaw Academy account.

If you have not added any payment details, then, you don’t need to worry about cancelling the membership as it will expire automatically after 30 days.

To cancel, login to your Members Area on a web browser using a Computer and click on “My Profile”, then click on “Membership & Payments” ->“Cancel Membership & Benefits”-> I understand, I want to stop learning ->No thanks, I want to end my membership & benefits-> Continue and Confirm.

There is no cost associated with the cancellation, the subscription will be cancelled instantly. You will have access to the account until the next billing cycle.

If you’re still unable to cancel the subscription please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@shawacademy.com.

To cancel online, go to https://live.shawacademy.com/login/
Email support@shawacademy.com and ask them to cancel your account.

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