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How to cancel Qapital Inc

If you have not linked your external account, please first make sure you have the latest version of the app. Then, go to the profile tab, click ‘Edit profile’ and then ‘Delete Account’.

If you have a Goals only account, you’ll first need to clear your Qapital balance and make sure there are no pending transfers coming into or out of your Qapital account. That means you’ll want to cash out all your Goals first and cancel any scheduled deposits.

To cash out a Goal, go to your ‘Transfers’ tab and initiate a withdraw ‘From’ Goals ‘To’ your funding account. You will also be able to snooze your rules for 7 days under this tab, by clicking on ‘Rules’ and toggling the snooze button off.

Once your Qapital balance is cleared, to unlink your bank as an iOS user, go to your ‘Profile’ tab, select the ‘Accounts’ banner and choose your Qapital Goals account.

If you are an Android user, after you click ‘Profile’, select ‘Your accounts’, click on ‘Savings’, and then select the trash can on the top right corner. After you close your Qapital Goals account you can unlink your external funding account.

Once you have unlinked your external funding account, your Goals account is closed, and your membership is canceled.

If you have a Spending account and/or an Invest account please reach out to the Customer Success team at support@qapital.com as we need to assist with account closure.

To cancel online, go to https://www.qapital.com/
Email support@qapital.com and ask them to cancel your account.

Qapital is a personal finance mobile application for the iOS and Android operating systems, developed by Qapital Inc. The app is designed to motivate users to save money through a gamification of their spending behavior.

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